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World Rural Landscapes Initiative (WRLI)

Convenor: Lionella Scazzosi

The World Rural Landscapes Initiative aims to foster worldwide cooperation in the study, management and protection of rural landscapes. To support this aim, the ISCCL Working Group is developing a series of documents (principles, Atlas, glossary) that will provide a global framework for a coherent and collaborative approach to the recognition and conservation of the heritage values of rural landscapes.

This iniative enables different institutions and stakeholders to:

-Exchange experiences and knowledge and

-Reinforce the great worth of high quality rural landscapes, based on ther local distintiveness and on traditional knowledge and usese.

-Foster initiatives regarding sustainable and resilient productive landscapes.

ISSCL asks for participation and cultural contribution of other ICOMOS ISCs, and major international institutions and organizations (UNESCO; WHC; FAO; ILA; IUCN; Council of Europe, NGOs, etc) as well as any Research Centre, Institution, Adminstration and Cultural Association interested in joining and enriching this multifaceted initiative.

For more information: http://www.worldrurallandscapes.org