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The role and goals of ICOMOS’s International Scientific Committees are described in the Eger-Xi’an Principles, adopted at the ICOMOS 15th General Assembly in 2005.

“The International [Scientific] Committees (ISCs) are the vehicles through which ICOMOS brings together, develops and serves its worldwide membership according to fields of specialized interest. ICOMOS expects the ISCs to be at the heart of scientific inquiry and exchange in their domains and to share knowledge among them to foster a multi-disciplinary approach to heritage protection and management, in fulfillment of the goals of ICOMOS as stated in Article 5.b. of its statutes: “Gather, study and disseminate information concerning principles, techniques and policies” related to heritage protection.”

The ISCCL also works in compliance with the various ICOMOS Statutes 

The objectives of the Committee, as outlined in its Tokyo Statutes (2009) and in accordance with the Eger-Xi’an principles (2005), are:

  • Promote world-wide cooperation in identification, increased awareness, study, education and training for protection, preservation, restoration, monitoring and management of cultural landscapes
  • Collaborate and communicate with and contribute with ICOMOS and IFLA and report to ICOMOS
  • Collaborate with IUCN in regard to combined works of nature and humanity
  • Work with UNESCO World Heritage Centre in assessing, monitoring and advising
  • Undertake collaborative projects with other ICOMOS International Scientific Committees
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